Saturday, 24 September 2011


Sorry guys! My internet is cut off till October 3rd & I'm just getting over my operation & taking it easy but as soon as my internet is back up I'll be posting as usual. THANK YOU 


Monday, 12 September 2011

Little update

So for once I'm 15 minutes early for college. I've not really had the time to post this week really. I've just started working (I think I have the job I'm not sure but anyway I'm working) 5-8pm Every night after college so I'm soooo sleepy but It'll all be worth it on payday :) Today I have a full day of college at the theatre till 4- So thats going to be draining.

 Its Shakespeare too so :/ It's getting colder out so slowly but surely the socks, the hoodies, the boots are sneaking their way out of my wardrobe. The hot chocolate is also starting to come out of the cupboard too. Not that I'm complaining I love being snugly in my coat. My birthday & christmas are in winter too so I love shopping around whilst Christmas songs are playing. Shiny glittery things everywhere. It's almost magical.
 The other day I bought my rabbits some christmas presents. Little cute bowls & a toy I found which my first ever rabbit, Arwen, had. She used to love it. Mum bought me a big massive mirror to put above my side (I'll put a picture up soon because my rooms weirdly built) & I got myself some red fruit tea light candles. I am such a sucker for candles!! My friend recently called me, The candle freak.

I won a give away the beginning of last month but I still haven't received my prize :( £30 New look voucher. I was planning on buying my winter coat with it but at this point I may aswell buy it. But hopefully I will get it soon & its not some scam to get followers :/

 College is already pissing me off. Really cant wait till me & my friend pack our bags & go to beauty college. At least I'll be doing something fun which I enjoy. Anyway battery's low on my laptop. I'm off to buy a big can of monster to get me through the day. Enjoy.


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pastel Raindrops.

I don't usually blog about give away's but this is a major exeption! Just look how cute it is!! Beautiful colours. Its so sweet. I want it! Her blog is extremely cute too! Loveessss.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First day back.

New boxes & stuff.

They lurrrrrrrv the Cauliflower leaves

Pink plant pot funfunfun

Bunnies new box

Amy's new boxes

I love this folder

Yummy in my tummy!

So today I had my Pre-Op. I had some blood tests, Height check (5ft5), got weighed (Not telling ;) ) I also had an MRSA check so If thats all clear I shall be having my Op on the 21st. Its my first Operation & I've never been put to sleep & had chubes roped down my throat before so I am a little scared. I should be fine. I have to take my lip piercing out which sucks! It'll probably close up & if that's the case I shall have my tongue done. Anyways hope your having a wonderful week. Love you 


Friday, 2 September 2011

Chocccccy Monster

My massive Dairy Milk Bar my boyfriend bought me from the seaside (Apparently they we're out of old fashioned rock) But wow look at it I love it! I'll proberly gain 5 stone after it but yum.
I'm sharing it with everyone though so 'Good Amy'.