Thursday, 28 July 2011

Stop Animal Testing! >:(

I don't usually tweet about give aways. But I really felt the need to with this one. HannahLovely is doing her last ever give away and waving Goodbye to the blogging world. I being a pet owner & animal lover my self have always disagreed with this sort of thing and have signed up to a Stop-Animal-Testing group. I think its disguiting how people think its acceptable to do this. How would they like it if it were their rabbit or dog being stabbed with needles and burning creams all over their body. In face how would they like it if it were them. Hannah tells us what products do not use Animals to test on (Thankfully enough I use most of the product-makes she describes) 

I think this is a very heroic give away & I hope you all sign up and send your well wishes to Hannah.  

Join her give away here.

Purple nails & skittles.

Got my nails did. I got purple tips because I fancied something different. I love acrylic extensions wish I could afford to have them all the time! Cooked me & James Fajitas today 'HOTHOT' and now we are snuggling up watching Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince. I feel like doing a 'What's in my bag' post - I've seen a couple of girls do them. I think they are really fun & different. Anyway most probably do one very soon.


Thursday, 21 July 2011


By the way - My cousin owns a little online store. Its really cute stuff for a good price. They'd be perfect little presents for someone special.

Check them out pretty please. I'll love you forever!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Spoilers - Be warned!!!!!!)

FUCKING HELL! Its over I've watched it I'm offically grown up & my Harry Potter knowledge is fulfilled. 
Amazing film. Personal favourite bits - Voldermort laughing ( He looked funny), Harry & Ron taking there tops off ;) , The 19years later bit!!! awwwww, When Molly called Belatrix a bitch, Snape & Lily's magical little child sequence - My god theres so many that I cant even think. I had a full blown breakdown when I came out of that cinema. I feel like my childhood as ended completely. The characters being 17 and being the same age as I was in each film I feel like my generation has completely grown up with this magical series. Sorry if all this is muckly written - I havnt long got back from the cinema & I'm in a Harry Potter coma. 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wands at the ready, witches.

My nail pens came. I'm terrible at nail painting and stuff so I've bought some pens to try and improve for next September for college. I'm so exited to see Harry Potter tomorrow with my friend. I would of gone to the 12 O'Clock veiwing on Thursday night but I had my showcase yesterday so I would of been stupidly tired. Show went okay not my personal best but good. I really loved my song. Mum was sat next to the head of THEATRE ARTS WORCESTER man. She said he circled my picture & name in the programme so god knows what that means :S All good I hope! Back to the nails - Here they are my Potter Designs. There is paint all over the side but I'll tidy that up in a minute. 
Mums gone away for the weekend. So I'll stay at James'.We have Ben&Jerrys in the freezer so I'll get ready and go to James' & we'll most probably have a lazy day in watching Harry Potter and eating!
Have any of you watched Deathly Hallows Part 2 yet??


Monday, 11 July 2011


~ * ~ ALOHA LADIES ~ * ~

I'm feeling very beachy-wavy-tropically today. I had a spray tan a couple of days ago and my hairs in beach waves. I never have a tan so I cant stop showing it off. I'm very please with it and will be sure to have one again. I had a St.Tropez spray tan for Prom but that was over a year ago so its been a while since I've been Oh La LA Brown. Today I have a end of year BBQ and year 13 induction. Yuckk cant wait to leave the place. But the BBQ should be fun. I hope theirs non-alcoholic cocktails. (What am I talking about I'll be lucky if there's coca-cola)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cameras working.

Yay my cameras back up & running :D :D :D :D So happy! Leonardo is alive!!!!!! Today I went to Malvern to buy a few bits. Ended up with F*ck loads of jewellery. All half price so didn't come to too much. I'm still trying to contain my sudden Hello Kitty obsession ( I'll post all my new stuff sometime this week) Not much exiting has really happened recently. I had to sing at a school event. I sang Paramore- Only exception but the sound systems awful and you could hardly hear me compared to the track. It was teachers strictly come dancing. Best thing ever- They should put stuff like that on t.v. All my teachers have 2 left feet pahaaa.. HILARIOUS Umm college is pissing me off and I cant find a job. I'm just babbling now arnt I?

Crazy tassle necklace ( I'll post a better picture soon)

Follow - <<< She's great & very arty. 2 posts & I already love her blog!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Change is good.

Aloha. I've had a big lazy weekend. Went for a walk with my best buddies today. The suns not out but its rather hot. 

 For a while now I have not been happy with college. I used to love Performing Arts and now its such a choir! I cant get a decent career out of it. I don't want to be an actor & teachings not what I'm into. It's a very bitchy industry and its all about who you know if I'm honest. I've been thinking since about March about what to do after college and I've finally decided. I've always been interested in hair & nails. The thought of learning the skills and doing something like that always excites me. So I thought to myself ''Why not study Beauty & Management at college & open a salon?'' Obviously its not that simple but its the only path I see myself comfortable in. Me & my best friend have decided that we're going to study it next Sept (2012). I don't want to carry on another 3 years with performing arts I know all there is & I'm not really gaining anything from it. I can always audition for panto's so I wont be completely forgetting about it & I'm a singer so I will always sing. What do you guys think. Do any of you study Hair & Beauty?

Pics from Monday night


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Prom 2010

 My Prom was a year ago today. It seems like a couple of months ago. Life is going way to fast for me. Nanny promised me she'd keep going to see me at prom and bless her she did. I can honestly say on of the best experiences of my life. A little girl who came to watch us go off in our Cadillac thought me & my friends were real life princess' it was so cute. Sorry about the quick & not so good vocab & punctuation whatever but I wrote this late into last night. Prom 2nd July 2010


Friday, 1 July 2011


I've most defiantly been bitten by the Hello Kitty  bug! I have spent the past hour looking at random Hello Kitty things like toilet covers and contact lense holders. Its all so cute. Dad's giving me £10 towards stationary for next term so I'm getting some Hello Kitty & Little Mermaid notepads and stickers and shiz. Think I'll try and get the headphones for Christmas or my Birthday or something. 

Whats new with me?  Well I've just been busy at college to be honest. Looking after my bunnies, eating out, Cinema (KungFuPanda2 FTW), Babysitting. Ohh I went out Monday too. When My friend uploads the pictures I'll put them on here! It was quite fun. A little manic and scary but still good all the same!

Well I'll try and keep you all up to date with what's going on. Love yaaaaaaaaa.