Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cameras working.

Yay my cameras back up & running :D :D :D :D So happy! Leonardo is alive!!!!!! Today I went to Malvern to buy a few bits. Ended up with F*ck loads of jewellery. All half price so didn't come to too much. I'm still trying to contain my sudden Hello Kitty obsession ( I'll post all my new stuff sometime this week) Not much exiting has really happened recently. I had to sing at a school event. I sang Paramore- Only exception but the sound systems awful and you could hardly hear me compared to the track. It was teachers strictly come dancing. Best thing ever- They should put stuff like that on t.v. All my teachers have 2 left feet pahaaa.. HILARIOUS Umm college is pissing me off and I cant find a job. I'm just babbling now arnt I?

Crazy tassle necklace ( I'll post a better picture soon)

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  1. I love jewellery sale shopping! Although I always end up finding loads of stuff I bought full price in the sale too ggrrr... xx