Thursday, 28 July 2011

Stop Animal Testing! >:(

I don't usually tweet about give aways. But I really felt the need to with this one. HannahLovely is doing her last ever give away and waving Goodbye to the blogging world. I being a pet owner & animal lover my self have always disagreed with this sort of thing and have signed up to a Stop-Animal-Testing group. I think its disguiting how people think its acceptable to do this. How would they like it if it were their rabbit or dog being stabbed with needles and burning creams all over their body. In face how would they like it if it were them. Hannah tells us what products do not use Animals to test on (Thankfully enough I use most of the product-makes she describes) 

I think this is a very heroic give away & I hope you all sign up and send your well wishes to Hannah.  

Join her give away here.

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