Friday, 26 August 2011

Playing Rapunzel

Its rained the past 2 days. My house is really depressing because of my pathetic brother putting  everybody in a mood. So I've been locked away in my room really. I got  my GCSE Maths results yesterday an E - WOOOh. (It doesn't really bother me) Any way back to it I've been locked away in my room so thought I'd play Rapunzel & do my hair. I never curl my hair ever but I fancied a  change so plonked in the extensions & had a little mess with my hair.. TADAAAA!

I got a little exited having long curly hair because as I keep saying it never happens. So I went all hypo & had my self a little web-cam photoshoot if you will.

I can be such a poser- Right?
So then I decided to dig out some bubble bath & have a nice late night soak
Instead I found this stash of hair stuff I'd forgot all about. Don't think I'll be buying shampoo & conditioner for a while ay... & I found some really cute Marilyn Monroe sparkly bubbles & soak stuff.

Hope your having a nice week. The weekend is almost upon us!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back To School.

So here its nearly here again, September- Back to college, school, start of uni whatever. Its a fresh start in the Academic year. Myself I shall be going back to my second & last year of Performing Arts at my schools sixth form. I'm exited to be back doing something daily I suppose but Its going to be an extremely hard year for me. So recently I have been about searching every 'Back to school' Isle in the supermarket & all the stationary shops you can name- Staples, paperchase, Rymans - You name it I've been there. Those of you who check my Blog regularly will no I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty & a bit of animal print so that is what I've tried to find. I plan to be super super organized ( I plan this every year & forget all about it by December). I love having cute stationary. I always used to like pulling out my extremely cool pencil cases when I was younger & have everyone pounce on me to see if they could borrow my super cool ingraved pencils or gel pens, never really have grown out of it actually. So without further will do here is my Back To School post.

LUNCHBOXXXXXXX- Tesco £3 (Child @ heart)

Large satchel- Primark £4 in sale

Pens- All from Ebay Shops - Not completely sure on the price of my pens (All Hello Kitty ofcourse)

New panties- New Look - Its like 5pairs for £10 & I got a couple from primark £2 (I always like to start a new term with brand new comfy panties)

Wallets for Scripts etc - Teco, Wilkinsons - £1-ish

Notebooks- Tesco, Paperchase, Rymans, Morrisons. - £4 or under each.

Shirts-New Look sale £5 each

Pink Plastic folders- Tesco - £1 (Useful little buggers)

Rimmel Mono eyeshadow in Dusks £3 (Cute & Simple)

Folders- Store 21, Tesco - £2 each (Can never have too many & I dont like the schools ugly red ones)

& bought this little bad boy today. I literally cried of laughter when I saw it- Rymans £3.45 - so so worth it!
Its a pretty little Guinea-pig in the bath eating chocolate, painting her toes, wikth a rubbing duck with her hair up in curlers & Its hairs in curlers. What is there not too love. <3

Little fruit lunchboxes - Sainsburys £1.50 each

My grips & bobbles all from Primark. You can get the lot for about £2.50

All I have left to get are some Black trainer type things & some socks :D
Well hope your all getting prepared to return to college or whatever.
Goodluck if your going on to Uni. Remember guys- These days are meant to be the best days of our lives!


Mommi's back :D :D

Mother Hen has returned & boy is she baring gifts.....

Kitty candyfloss
kitty faced marshmellows
Hello Kitty pen
cookie chocolates
bath lolly 
Toblerone Nom

James' Presents & The Bunnies ball (Cant forget the rabbits)

I haven't seen my mum at all this month so I have missed her so much. We're having Chinese take-away tonight. So I'm exited for that. I'm extremely jealous of her tan. She has olive skin & her hair goes super blonde in the sun so she looks like a cute little Barbie. God I've missed this lady so much.


Friday, 19 August 2011

Oh & I got my lip pierced last week.


So I have had one stupidly busy week. I haven't stayed at home in my own bed once since the start of August. I miss my bed :( Anyway I've been meeting up with friends, stayed at my cousins new house & went out for breakfast, went to a friend of a friends flat last night for drinks and tonight I'll be staying at James' tonight ready for LEGOLAND tomorrow. So today I recovered a bit from last night then my boyfriend came round we watched a bit of Teen Mom & ScoobyDoo then we had fun in the garden. PAINTING GNOMES. He bought me a set from Asda as part of my Easter present a while ago & We've never really got round to doing them. Look how dudey they are. I'm very slap-dash so it took me about 20 minutes to do but my James took his time ( I got bored waiting for him to finish painting so stuck into some skips & choccy buttons) Oh & my boyfriend got glasses. He looks cute.

 Bernard ( James') & Earnest (Mine)

Me love da gnomes!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A day at the zoo.

 Lauren, Julie, Taylor, Baby Ollie & I went to Dudley Zoo. We ate a picnic on the castle grounds, we saw a baby Orangutan & baby Meerkats. We walked through the lemar & spidey monkeys walk. I bought a zebra magnet & some dummie lollies for me & James. We walked through the crazy house. I'ts for 7 year olds but its cool. I had so much fun........ And they had brown bears YAY.







Fuck knows why these pictures are notstraight in line :/


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Homey homey home.

Hello lovely ladies! So I have returned from my trip to dadda's. I had a wonderful time I did so much.
Me & Dad went to the cinema to watch Mr. Poppers Penguins (That film was sweet). Watched the Regatta (Its like a yearly tradition its when some sort of sea food first comes in & thousands of sailing boats come in) There was a fair & hundreds of pretty stalls & a little dog show. I love Regatta's first one I've been to in 6 or 7 years! I went shopping, visited the farm, went for walks on the beach with my Grandparents. Went to Captain Hooks creak with Dad & Bailey (Its Faversham Ferry really but dad used to take me & my brother every Halloween & on misty nights & say the ships were Captains hooks men. It was quite scary when I was young) I went for tons of meals & did all kinds of things. Twas brill. Unfortunately for some reason I didn't take loads of pictures. Regret it now. Ohh I also went to platform 9 & 3quarters any of you who know me well knows I was OVER THE MOOOON about that :) So yeah... Hope you've all stayed safe from these chavy little ugly thugs & that you are having a great summer.

Oh & my Mums gone to Majorca & she feels really guilty about going on Holiday for the 2nd time without me  . I don't mind at all but my mums really sweet & thoughtful so she really feels bad. So when I got in from my trip I took my things upstairs & found this on my bed.....

How cute is that?.... Love my mummabear.