Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back To School.

So here its nearly here again, September- Back to college, school, start of uni whatever. Its a fresh start in the Academic year. Myself I shall be going back to my second & last year of Performing Arts at my schools sixth form. I'm exited to be back doing something daily I suppose but Its going to be an extremely hard year for me. So recently I have been about searching every 'Back to school' Isle in the supermarket & all the stationary shops you can name- Staples, paperchase, Rymans - You name it I've been there. Those of you who check my Blog regularly will no I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty & a bit of animal print so that is what I've tried to find. I plan to be super super organized ( I plan this every year & forget all about it by December). I love having cute stationary. I always used to like pulling out my extremely cool pencil cases when I was younger & have everyone pounce on me to see if they could borrow my super cool ingraved pencils or gel pens, never really have grown out of it actually. So without further will do here is my Back To School post.

LUNCHBOXXXXXXX- Tesco £3 (Child @ heart)

Large satchel- Primark £4 in sale

Pens- All from Ebay Shops - Not completely sure on the price of my pens (All Hello Kitty ofcourse)

New panties- New Look - Its like 5pairs for £10 & I got a couple from primark £2 (I always like to start a new term with brand new comfy panties)

Wallets for Scripts etc - Teco, Wilkinsons - £1-ish

Notebooks- Tesco, Paperchase, Rymans, Morrisons. - £4 or under each.

Shirts-New Look sale £5 each

Pink Plastic folders- Tesco - £1 (Useful little buggers)

Rimmel Mono eyeshadow in Dusks £3 (Cute & Simple)

Folders- Store 21, Tesco - £2 each (Can never have too many & I dont like the schools ugly red ones)

& bought this little bad boy today. I literally cried of laughter when I saw it- Rymans £3.45 - so so worth it!
Its a pretty little Guinea-pig in the bath eating chocolate, painting her toes, wikth a rubbing duck with her hair up in curlers & Its hairs in curlers. What is there not too love. <3

Little fruit lunchboxes - Sainsburys £1.50 each

My grips & bobbles all from Primark. You can get the lot for about £2.50

All I have left to get are some Black trainer type things & some socks :D
Well hope your all getting prepared to return to college or whatever.
Goodluck if your going on to Uni. Remember guys- These days are meant to be the best days of our lives!


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  1. im OBSESSED with hello kitty, i already have the folder and the lunchbox and want the notebooks to now haha...some gorgeous buys lovely :) xxx