Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Homey homey home.

Hello lovely ladies! So I have returned from my trip to dadda's. I had a wonderful time I did so much.
Me & Dad went to the cinema to watch Mr. Poppers Penguins (That film was sweet). Watched the Regatta (Its like a yearly tradition its when some sort of sea food first comes in & thousands of sailing boats come in) There was a fair & hundreds of pretty stalls & a little dog show. I love Regatta's first one I've been to in 6 or 7 years! I went shopping, visited the farm, went for walks on the beach with my Grandparents. Went to Captain Hooks creak with Dad & Bailey (Its Faversham Ferry really but dad used to take me & my brother every Halloween & on misty nights & say the ships were Captains hooks men. It was quite scary when I was young) I went for tons of meals & did all kinds of things. Twas brill. Unfortunately for some reason I didn't take loads of pictures. Regret it now. Ohh I also went to platform 9 & 3quarters any of you who know me well knows I was OVER THE MOOOON about that :) So yeah... Hope you've all stayed safe from these chavy little ugly thugs & that you are having a great summer.

Oh & my Mums gone to Majorca & she feels really guilty about going on Holiday for the 2nd time without me  . I don't mind at all but my mums really sweet & thoughtful so she really feels bad. So when I got in from my trip I took my things upstairs & found this on my bed.....

How cute is that?.... Love my mummabear.


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