Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I'm feeling sexy & free.


Me & James went spending in Birmingham Saturday here are a few things I bought.
James treated me to this gorgous dress which I plan to wear in New York City with some frilly socks and some suede red dollys. So please let me know if you see any cute ones!
Dress Topshop @ Selfridges - £36/£40
Beige short shorts Forever21- £13.90
Lacey top Forver21- £12.89
Earings Forever21- £3.90
Only Fools & Horses Care freshner River Island - £2
Rhianna sweater Topman - £32

Did anybody catch the Brits last night so Happy One Direction & Ed Sheeran picked up some awards. I love watching the Brits I always plan what I would wear & somebody always ends up having a similar dress to the one I make up in my head! In which case it was Jessie J happened to wear something similar to what I hought up. She rocked it!. Hope you all had a lovely yummy pancake day. I've decided that for Lent I'm giving up chocolate & certain swear words- some I would not be proud to put on here. I really do swear like a sailor. Have a wonderful week lovely ladies!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Had a lovely night last night. My best friend Lauren stayed over & we stalked One Direction online again. We had a lovely little night in. We ate strawberries drank some Coca-Cola & basically had a proper good natter!
Today I met a couple of old friends in Costa for a drink. I ended up buying a couple of shirts. Not sure whether to save them for my Holiday yet or not.. Going to Birmingham tomorrow. Cant wait to be let loose in Forever 21!! Any heres some pictures of my new stuff. I LOVE THE BEATLES! & I can name there albums  & songs of each album so don't judge! The Beatles shirt was from H&M for £9.99 the other from River Island £20. I also popped onto the sunbed today. I'm finally getting tanned.. Good stuff!

Have a nice day!

My Valentines

I had a lovely Valentines night with my boyfriend he bought me two balloons one a love heart and one kiss print/ lip balloon. So cute. We had Fish & Chips (We're literally like a 60 year old couple!) We watched Gnomeo & Juliet like we did last year at the cinema. He loved his presents luckily!
He's spoiling me shopping in Birmingham tomorrow too.

Monday, 13 February 2012

My mums the best!

Look at what my Mum bought me for St.Valentines day. Isn't she the cutest Mumma ever!
My mum always gets me something for Valentines day. My Dad usually sends me a card from ? - He's been doing this for about 10 years & he still thinks he's fooling me. He's nothing but cookie dough!
Meeting my Dad tomorrow in Birmingham. We'll probably get coffee, lunch & do a little bit of shopping. 
Me & my best friend Lauren went out for lunch yesterday. We went to this really nice Indian/Thai place it was lovely! Any way what are you plans for Valentines day? I'm going to meet my dad then working so I think me & James are going to get a pizza when I come out and watch some movies. 
Have a nice day whether its a film & chocolates on your own or a romantic dinner date. 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I've been a busy bunny.

Hope your all doing well. I've been super busy these last couple of weeks. I've lost 5 pounds. I've just been working out & eating much less crap. I've been working my butt off. My flights & visa's have been sorted so bring on America in August!  I'm super duper excited. I've had offers from 3 different Universities. I've been working really hard in Performing Arts & its been my mumma's birthday. So I do apologise for posting a little less than I normally do. Also recently I've become OBSESSED with One Direction. Dont get me wrong I love them to bits on the xfactor & I've always followed their music & stuff but recently I'm baffled by them. My best friend Lauren & I have turned into goggly eyed school girls over them, not the behaviour you'd usually get from a pair of 1 year old girls. Anyhow I am extremely in love with them & I'm loving it! Niall Horan happens to be my favourite. He can sing & he is Irish the two things I adore and look for in a man. How do you guys feel about the One Direction Infection ;) haha. Anyway hope your having a great week!! 
 It's ment to snow again here tonight so I have the my leopard print wellies at the ready.


Hot chocolate with Marshmellows & watching my boyfriend on tv. Perfect.

Everything here is from Primark & below £6.
Exept for my Bunny Rabbit night mask- £4 from Claire's.