Friday, 17 February 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Had a lovely night last night. My best friend Lauren stayed over & we stalked One Direction online again. We had a lovely little night in. We ate strawberries drank some Coca-Cola & basically had a proper good natter!
Today I met a couple of old friends in Costa for a drink. I ended up buying a couple of shirts. Not sure whether to save them for my Holiday yet or not.. Going to Birmingham tomorrow. Cant wait to be let loose in Forever 21!! Any heres some pictures of my new stuff. I LOVE THE BEATLES! & I can name there albums  & songs of each album so don't judge! The Beatles shirt was from H&M for £9.99 the other from River Island £20. I also popped onto the sunbed today. I'm finally getting tanned.. Good stuff!

Have a nice day!

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