Thursday, 26 January 2012

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My weight loss blog- 
(Dont worry I'm not trying to encourage anorexia in any way shape or form its just inspiration for myself to loose weight for my holiday!)

Thankyou Beauties.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hello all. Well another quiet weekend. Had a little trip into town with James yesterday then I cooked us some fajitas when we got home & today me & two of my cousins Sammie & Elle took a walk to see some hamsters at the pet shop. Nothing much exciting is going on at the minute. My new room is almost finished. I love it so much. So now I'm just watching Lord Of The Rings & having a look at some Tattoo designs. I bought some extensions at the weekend (Half a head) & added to my full head its still not enough. I could scream. How much more hair do I need for crying out loud....

 Usually I'm not very interested in Katie Price but her new underwear sets in Store 21 are gorgeous! My boyfriends gave me money to buy some more too . The pants are high waited 50's style.

James also treated me to these Paul Frank Skull Kandys. They're so cute they have little skulls on the ear piece!

Some new dollies both £6 Primark

Thought I'd try out a new foundation seeing as it was on offer for £3.99 from Superdrug.

LAZY 'Make up free' DAY!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th.

Its defiantly hit me today. I just keep telling myself at least he's at peace now & not suffering. 
I cried in lesson today & my teacher surprised me with these bunch of beautiful cream & pinks roses, at breaktime to cheer me up. How sweet is that?

Today I've managed to get my UCAS sent off. After looking at so many Performing Arts courses over the last month I have finally chosen. I've applied for one course in  my home town of Worcester, two in Birmingham, one in Wolverhampton & one in my Birthplace Canterbury. I really want to get into Worcester or Canterbury though, but It'll be so hard to choose between them. I'm really excited to get my interview/offers.

Tomorrow I'm going into town for Lunch with the girls. I have £10 left after forking out for my new passport & UCAS application so it doesn't leave me with any retail therapy money but ohwell not long till payday.

Anyway I hope you all have a nice weekend. Sorry if I've depressed you a little bit.

Uncle Joey

In loving memory of one of the best Uncles there was. My Uncle Joey. You've suffered for so long & finally your out of pain. You were so brave & strong till the very end. I love you and I will miss you so much.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Mini shopping trip.

Turns out today wasn't so busy bust. Finished College at 12.15 then had time for a little shop around town.

Cutey slippers & Brogue type dollies both £5- Peacocks
I love LDN & Big Bird boxers both £1.50 -rimark
Leopard print pony skin pixie boots £10- Claires
Hello Kitty Tweezers & Eye mask both £4- Claires
Ohh & Dry Shampoo on offer £2- Superdrug 

Here a not so great picture. I'm going to pamper myself tonight! Look what my best friend bought for me! I do love some Cath Kidston <3

I think this was quite good seeing as I only went to get my Passport sorted out. I also tried soup for the first time ever today. I'm rather chuffed!

Little update :)

Today is such a busy day. I have a full day of College! We're singing Rent today & we'll more than likely do some business work. Then I have to rush into town to get passport pictures taken. (Chances are I'll look like a puffy faced scarecrow because of this wind!!!!)  Then its quickly back home & night of Work. Plus all my pay I get today is going on this passport so that's put me on a downer too. Ughh!! Just thought I'd share that with you haha.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year- New Tattoo

Hello lovely lovely ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful New Years! Wether it was a quiet night in or a loud mad party! I myself spent the new years with a few drinks at a friends & then came home to spend midnight with my lovely mumma. What are your new years resolutions? I'm yet to think of mine. 

As you can tell in the title of this post I spent the day having a tattoo. I finally after 4 years had my beautiful feather & I love it!! Although it was the single most painful thing I've ever had. My first tattoo (Music notes on the inside of my ankle) was a doddle & I'd even go as far as saying I loved the pain but ribs are different. Very very different. My tattooist said he knows full grown men covered in tattoos have had their ribs done & not come back for their second sitting because of the pain. So he was tottally suprised by an 18 year old girl sat through a 1.55 minute tattoo with no break & no squirms. I felt like a boss when he told me this! He also said after a tattoo on the ribs the rest of my body would be a doddle. My brothers mate even said he wouldn't get a rib tattoo because of the stories he's heard. I wish I'd heard all of this before I went in!! All that aside I love it & am really pleased with it. Its beautiful. To me it means Freedom, free spirited & I find it spiritual, almost angel like. Its about 9/10inches big.

Ignore my big belly!

At the minute my ribs are bruised and really sore but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love this tattoo. Its so unique and means so much to me!