Friday, 6 January 2012

Mini shopping trip.

Turns out today wasn't so busy bust. Finished College at 12.15 then had time for a little shop around town.

Cutey slippers & Brogue type dollies both £5- Peacocks
I love LDN & Big Bird boxers both £1.50 -rimark
Leopard print pony skin pixie boots £10- Claires
Hello Kitty Tweezers & Eye mask both £4- Claires
Ohh & Dry Shampoo on offer £2- Superdrug 

Here a not so great picture. I'm going to pamper myself tonight! Look what my best friend bought for me! I do love some Cath Kidston <3

I think this was quite good seeing as I only went to get my Passport sorted out. I also tried soup for the first time ever today. I'm rather chuffed!


  1. Hehe you're wearing the hairband!
    I'm also gonna be pampering myself tonight!

  2. i love the leopard boots!!
    laur x

  3. Loving both pairs of shoes, and so cheap too xxx

  4. Hello Amy! I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award over at my blog! ♥

  5. Arghhh those pixie boots are amazing!!! I didn't even know Claires did shoes like that!! What an absolute bargain!