Friday, 19 August 2011


So I have had one stupidly busy week. I haven't stayed at home in my own bed once since the start of August. I miss my bed :( Anyway I've been meeting up with friends, stayed at my cousins new house & went out for breakfast, went to a friend of a friends flat last night for drinks and tonight I'll be staying at James' tonight ready for LEGOLAND tomorrow. So today I recovered a bit from last night then my boyfriend came round we watched a bit of Teen Mom & ScoobyDoo then we had fun in the garden. PAINTING GNOMES. He bought me a set from Asda as part of my Easter present a while ago & We've never really got round to doing them. Look how dudey they are. I'm very slap-dash so it took me about 20 minutes to do but my James took his time ( I got bored waiting for him to finish painting so stuck into some skips & choccy buttons) Oh & my boyfriend got glasses. He looks cute.

 Bernard ( James') & Earnest (Mine)

Me love da gnomes!


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