Friday, 26 August 2011

Playing Rapunzel

Its rained the past 2 days. My house is really depressing because of my pathetic brother putting  everybody in a mood. So I've been locked away in my room really. I got  my GCSE Maths results yesterday an E - WOOOh. (It doesn't really bother me) Any way back to it I've been locked away in my room so thought I'd play Rapunzel & do my hair. I never curl my hair ever but I fancied a  change so plonked in the extensions & had a little mess with my hair.. TADAAAA!

I got a little exited having long curly hair because as I keep saying it never happens. So I went all hypo & had my self a little web-cam photoshoot if you will.

I can be such a poser- Right?
So then I decided to dig out some bubble bath & have a nice late night soak
Instead I found this stash of hair stuff I'd forgot all about. Don't think I'll be buying shampoo & conditioner for a while ay... & I found some really cute Marilyn Monroe sparkly bubbles & soak stuff.

Hope your having a nice week. The weekend is almost upon us!

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