Sunday, 3 July 2011

Change is good.

Aloha. I've had a big lazy weekend. Went for a walk with my best buddies today. The suns not out but its rather hot. 

 For a while now I have not been happy with college. I used to love Performing Arts and now its such a choir! I cant get a decent career out of it. I don't want to be an actor & teachings not what I'm into. It's a very bitchy industry and its all about who you know if I'm honest. I've been thinking since about March about what to do after college and I've finally decided. I've always been interested in hair & nails. The thought of learning the skills and doing something like that always excites me. So I thought to myself ''Why not study Beauty & Management at college & open a salon?'' Obviously its not that simple but its the only path I see myself comfortable in. Me & my best friend have decided that we're going to study it next Sept (2012). I don't want to carry on another 3 years with performing arts I know all there is & I'm not really gaining anything from it. I can always audition for panto's so I wont be completely forgetting about it & I'm a singer so I will always sing. What do you guys think. Do any of you study Hair & Beauty?

Pics from Monday night



  1. i like the color of your dress. it really cute =]


  2. beauty & management seems like an awesome path to go into! I suckkk at doing hair & nails for anyone but myself but when I was at the salon last thursday I was so jealous of how the girl's did my hair with such ease! It seemed like they were so happy doing it and I'd love a career that makes others feel good about themselves :)

    sorry I can't offer much other advice, I want to go into fashion journalism or preforming arts as well.

    xx becca

  3. I've done Performing Arts since I was a little girl & if I'm honest I haven't gained much from it. In the future I'd like to move off & own a salon or something. I just think its a safer path for me & one I'd enjoy learning. I'm not prepared for the bitchyness of the arts. My Dad agrees its more ideal for me too.

    No thankyou so much. Its nice to get comments like that & I agree, if I was a better writer I'd love to go into fashion journalism. Great blog Rebecca :D :D


  4. Follow your heart hun, I am 31 and been working as a PA since leaving school, I was made redundant just over a month ago and decided to follow my heart and now I have my own spray tan ad threading business, you can do anything if you throw 100% at it, good luck xxx

  5. I love your dress, you are very pretty. I agree, follow your heart. I have done quite a few different jobs and my plan was to study medicine, but now I have changed my mind and I don't want to be a doctor. The important thing is to do something that you enjoy.

    You have a wonderful blog, I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. I wish you all the luck in the world with it,(although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  6. Thankyou for such kind words. I'm sure when the time comes this is what I want to do. I don't care if I'm 27 or 37 one day I will open a salon and I will be successful! Thank you so much guysss. xoxo

  7. I agree just do what you love :) Really like your dress!