Saturday, 2 July 2011

Prom 2010

 My Prom was a year ago today. It seems like a couple of months ago. Life is going way to fast for me. Nanny promised me she'd keep going to see me at prom and bless her she did. I can honestly say on of the best experiences of my life. A little girl who came to watch us go off in our Cadillac thought me & my friends were real life princess' it was so cute. Sorry about the quick & not so good vocab & punctuation whatever but I wrote this late into last night. Prom 2nd July 2010



  1. Aww i'm so jealous i never got to have a prom :( my school was all girls!!
    but the year after i left they started having them with a boys school!!

    your dress is such a gorgeous colour and so princessey!!
    it looks like you had a lovely night :)

  2. Best night of my life. It was so magical. Thank you !... I've never seen anybody with my colour prom dress. I love it so much shame its sitting in the bottom of the wardrobe. xx

  3. truly a princess moment! cute Cadillac too. =]


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress! :D