Saturday, 15 October 2011

A little bit of my October

Hello lovelies. How are we all?

Today I have been to Wellsbourne market. I dont know if I've mentioned it before but its like a big market in the middle of an air field full of food stalls (Yummiest doughnuts ever!), toys, discount make up stalls, extension stalls, pet places, prams, clothes, fruit. You know the usual stall stuff. Anyway I got a really cute baggy top which I will post a picture of. A cardigan which I've seen in international' for £20 but I found one for £12. I got a couple of toffee apples & a mango hehe. 

Yesterday I got my nails done. Its going to be a regular thing. I love getting them done. I went for black & sparkly seeing as its Halloween month. I know they are not to every bodies taste I love them. What do you think?

I bought a few other things the other day but they're so pretty the pictures deserve to be on a real camera.
Works hard & I'm so tired. I'm feeling a little down today to so that doesn't help. Oh here is a picture of my hand ( Look away if squimish). Its healed so much now! I'll see if I can get a stitch picture up. I'm a bit annoyed we have been kicked out of the Rugby too. Stupid French ( No offence)

My camera's batteries have completely died & the normal batteries are crap so it doesn't run properly but I promise I will have good photos of everything very soon.

Hope your enjoying your October. Oh & I hope you like the little Autumn pics I found on tumblr too!



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