Monday, 11 April 2011

Five things I love.

1- Winnie The Pooh. Since I was born I have always had this one Winnie The Pooh teddy. I still have that snuggable little bear and even now I feel a little bare when hes not on my pillow when I sleep (Bare, Bear ;) ) He's been on every holiday I have and I still cant imagine him not being there after a hard day. I sound so silly.

2- Whitstable beach. I grew up here. I used to live in a little beach town. Its so cute and quint and only an hours train ride from London. Its the most perfect beautiful place I know. I had had so many picnics, walks with family and conversations on this beach. Listened to stories of Captain Hooks pirate ship and ghosts of the sea. It means so much to me. It's my Nan and my Grandad, memories of a happy family, a sense of innocence..  

                                                               Picture by me.

3 - When Harry Potter was first about I liked it as much as the next kid . For some reason later in my teenage years I developed a serious obssession with it all . I think I generally do have a big imagination so I love the idea of magic and all that. It just sprinkles a bit of light in the dull dark muggle world.

4- The rain. The most beautiful things in life are simple. The rain. The sound, the touch, feeling it on your lips, watching the drops race down your window. Everything about the rain is so peaceful. 

5- Sounds cheesy but the famalam. I do not know where I would be without them. My Mum, my Dad, Grandparents, Brother, Aunties, Uncles and my Cousins all 36 of them. I love you.

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