Wednesday, 20 April 2011


All packed and ready for my journey to my Dad's. Its meant to be mega hot tomorrow and I'll be on trains all day. WAHHHHH. He lives just out of London by the beach. It's beautiful and I will admit I get spoilt like a princess when I'm there. My Nan & Grandad don't have a clue I'm going down so it'll be nice to surprise them. We plan to BBQ Friday, shop Saturday and go to the beach  Easter Sunday. Ahhh I'm so Exited!! I'm hoping to get some new glasses frames too but not sure I can afford them at the moment. I've been looking at cars on auto trader. Theres a cute dark purple KA but I haven't even passed yet so no point getting my hopes up. I really want a FIAT500 but wayyyyy to expensive. I want a Cath Kidston covered FIAT.
Anyways today I had rehersals at The Swan theatre then I came home and sunbathed with James and the bunnies. My iPod is charging and I'm watching telly with Mumma. Nighty Night.

Me & James.


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