Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm back....

I have the the loveliest little holiday everrrrrrrr! Its been so sunny and hot in Kent. All I've practically done all week is sunbathe, eats bbq's, walk along the beach and drink lemonade.Its been great to see my family I only get to see them a couple of times a year so that was nice. I have also came back with a mini suntan. Here are some pictures I took which sum up my little break. I got the glasses I wanted yay. In fact I got two £100 pairs for £62 because I have this weird NHS card. But the eye man said my eyes have got weaker!! Grrr. Anyway I hope you all had a lovely easter. Loves xoxo

                                                                       Easter meal on the beach

                                                              CUTE PIGGGGY
                                                                      I look scary as hell!
                                              2 pairs of glasses for £62 and I get £30 of when the check come through.
                                                         h&m but not sure whether to take it back or not.

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