Wednesday, 8 June 2011

An Amy Update

College has been crayzeee! Yesterday was our Final Performance of 'FIND ME' My class did so well & everyone commented on the quality of the piece (I should think so it took us 6months!) I'm really proud of my own personal performance too. Basically 'FIND ME' is a play based on a true story about a young girl with multiple personality syndrome with is a mental health illness. It was based in the still of Artaud & theatre of cruelty so we basically just scared the crap out of our audience!!!

I've applied to some jobs tonight as I'm in desperate need of some money. I see to much what I cant afford. It actually gets me down. Feel free to send me a million quid right now! Me & my friends went to watch The Hangover 2 last Wednesday. Oh my god. It. Is. So. Funny!!! I love Alan :D

I'm going to try and fix this god damn camera!! Hopefully I will get some pictures up real soon. So for the time being heres a silly picture of me sharing the love with my followers <3


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