Thursday, 16 June 2011

Glitter all over the room, pink flamingos in the pool.

So Tuesday I met my Daddy in Oxford to catch up & so I could give him his fathers day presents and he could spoil me rotten. We had Pizza, a cheeky Starbucks ( I have a new favourite, Mango & fruit blended juice drink. BEWARE OF THE BRAINFREEEZE) & talked & he made me laugh like he usually does. Its so hard living so far away from him sometimes I regularly just need a hug off the best man I know. He opened his card & actually cried because I put a picture in from when we went on holiday together in Ibiza when I was like 6 in & wrote 50 things what I love about him. I love writing nice messages and sweet things in peoples card. It makes it a whole lot more special.

As you can see I got my tootsies monched on by the fishies. Its a pedicure sort of thing and they eat all the dry skin of of your feet. It felt really really really really really weird. Good but weird. I'd defiantly have it again because my feet feel amazingly smooth and soft now.

A few of my buys. Cupcake cases, greeting card packs, accessories, brogues, toiletries, footbalm, sheep socks & strawberry knickers, black skirt and 'Alladin trousers'. I think I did quite well. I also got a little Donkey & a charity pot from lush ( I love Oxfords lush. The man with crazy hair in their is so lovely & polite)

Tomorrow I'm going to Laureneys to watch Pretty Little Liars Season 2. We love it. She downloads it so we watch it when the Yanks do so we're a little more with it ;) 
Tomorrow I'll be staying at James' & we want something new & fun to do so any games, films or Idea's would be very welcome indeeed.
Anyways thankyou Lauren for letting me use your camera. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few more pics guys. Have a nice night,


  1. Love the first two tops! So pretty:)


  2. i want to try the fishy pedicure one day! looks fun. =]


  3. Such a sweet card you gave to your Dad even sweeter that he cried!! where did you get the two tops from?? great blog I'm a new follower!! xxx

  4. Thanks guys. Sorry forgot to mention I got the tops from Primark both £6 I think. Thanks I'll be sure to follow back :) xx