Saturday, 18 June 2011


Fairy lights on & I'm watching Sex&TheCity2 . I love being all snuggely and cosy in bed. :)

For a while I've been contemplating getting my hair micro-beaded. I hear the extensions last quite a while if looked after properly. I'm fed up of seeing everybody swish their hair around and It sounds silly but it makes me feel a little down. I mean I use the really good shampoos like, Lee Stafford, John Freida, Aussie & Herbal essences and stuff. I haven't straightend my hair in 3 months and I regularly get a trim. WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON?? It has not grown a bit in like 2 years?? Im fed up :( So yeah the microbeadings £120 and lasts upto a year? Worth it or not??????? Please help? 


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