Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Shows.

Today I did my last ever Christmas show at my school. After 7years of productions there I really am heartbroken. I could never imagine my school years without these crazy but beautiful memories.
I came from Chorus to solo singer to Genie babe, Cinderella, Mrs Cratchitt & now Maid Marion I cant believe what journey I've been on. Only an Performer will know how it feels...

 I've been super busy so I haven't had time tan stage pictures but I heard our school photographer has took plenty of the performance! Its such a shame I didn't take any backstage pictures though. Its so colourful & full of energy. I help out in the hair & make up department and its just an amazing vibe. I'll miss it soooo much!

Earlier I got the most beautiful message of a girl, Alisha who I help teach. Being emotional after the show & then reading this. Little Sob! - Thanks Amy :D I remember seeing you doing Cinderella & Little Shop of horrors then spent the next three years trying to be like you can't wait for next years panto but i will miss you loads
How sweet is that??

Anyway here are some Christmas show picture throughout the years. I had some from when I was in year 7 but cant find them at the minute..

I havnt changed much I'm the blonde haired one obviously & usually in crazy outfits or pretty dresses! (Exept for the pic below- I went all Katy Perry Vibe with the blue wigs)

I've had the most wonderful years doing what I love... What more could I ask for.
I don't know what else to say really. I LOVE YOU ALL CAST!

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